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The Aim of the Festival

The aim of the festival is to present Danish performing arts for a young audience

  • in a new area of Denmark every year
  • To make it possible for every child in the festival-area to see at least one performance during the festival.
  • To make it possible for children and adults to experience theatre together.

To make a cultural event with focus on arts for children and youngsters

  • To make changes in the municipality were the Festival is hold – e.g. by creating new networks and a larger focus on arts and culture politics for children and young people
  • To enhance a national focus on arts for children and youngsters

To create awareness - and a space for networking and competence development

  • To present Danish theatre for an international audience and allow professional theatre artists from Denmark and abroad to meet.
  • To present new Danish theatre productions to a wide range of presenters/organizers - national as well as international.
  • Meetings, seminars and conferences for presenters, artists and international guests